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Balcony Bar
1104 Magazine St.
(504) 895-1600

Balcony Bar is one of the favorites of the staff, the crowd is uptown professionals, locals, and some tourist. The upstairs has a very nice balcony with chairs and tables.


7601 Maple St. , New Orleans, LA
(504) 861-7615

Bruno's is a classic college bar located right next to Tulane Campus. It’s a pretty young crowd, but not the meathead fest that is the Boot. All things considered it’s OK. Just don't try to wear a ball cap backwards or they will kick your ass out.


Butler's Black Pearl Lounge - NO LONGER IN BUSINESS
140 Millaudon St , New Orleans, LA
(504) 861-3444

For the freaks of the world this is your place; along with their other bar Snake and Jakes. They even have an In-television you can play while you’re in there. I wouldn't take a yuppie here, but its a cool alternative to the usual.


Columns Hotel Bar
3811 St. Charles Ave. , New Orleans, LA
(504) 899-9308

The Columns Bar is located on the first floor of the still in operation Columns Hotel. It’s charming décor is the same as decades ago and the bartenders where tuxedos. The crowd ranges from preppy to young college to wedding reception guests. Interesting fact: this is where “Pretty Baby” starring a very young Brooke Shields was filmed.


Cooter Brown's
509 S. Carrollton Avenue , New Orleans, LA
(504) 866-9104

The only bar that can pass for a sports bar in uptown, they will shuck you platters of oysters on the 1/2 shell while you watch the game. Good TV setup. Large beer selection, but a little pricey. 2 pool tables and great bar food make this a worthwhile stop while you're galavanting around town..


F & M Patio Bar
4841 Tchoupitoulas Street , New Orleans, LA
(504) 895-6784

Famous for their dancing on the pool tables, F&M is a hopping place after about Midnight. If you're looking for a pick-up joint with a little spice this is your place.

Fat Harry's
4330 St. Charles Avenue , New Orleans, LA
(504) 895-9582

A sea of white baseball capped college guys and mini skirt wearing college girls, Fats caters mainly to the young college crowd. They do have cheap drinks and a reliable juke box, though, and pretty good burgers.


Igor's Buddha Belly Burger Bar
4437 Magazine Street , New Orleans, LA

Pretty good food, karaoke nights, pool tables, washing machines, and a library. Something for everyone.


Igor's Lounge
2133 St. Charles Avenue , New Orleans, LA
(504) 522-2145

Open all night, you can always find a party here whatever the hour. Igor’s also conveniently contains a Laundromat, so you can wash your clothes drunk at four in the morning if the mood strikes you.


800 S Carrollton , New Orleans, LA
(504) 866-9455

Early twenties, older college crowd, good drinks, friendly staff, clean and respectable looking, it's one of the better bars in uptown. It can get a little crowded, however, and it's not that big of a place.


Monkey Hill Saloon
Magazine St. , New Orleans, LA

Phillip's Restaurant & Bar
733 Cherokee St. , New Orleans, LA
(504) 865-1155

Phillip’s is always dark. The door is manned by a big burley bouncer and drinks are served exclusively by chicks. Get there early and you can play the better-than-average jukebox and shoot a few games of pool. Later in the night it turns into a dance music frenzy. Pretty cool in the summer when they occasionally open the patio.


St. Joe's
5535 Magazine St. , New Orleans, LA
(504) 899-3744

The main bar is decorated with more crucifixes than you can count leaving you either feeling very safe or very guilty while sipping down some of the freshest Mojitos served in NOLA. There’s a pool table surrounded by benches and ample space to chill. Out back there’s a big, climate controlled courtyard and a back bar replete with tons of chinese lanterns and tropical flora. A wierdly pantheistic bohemian botanical garden, Joe's offers up easygoing bartenders and friendly crowd making this a favorite spot for neighborhood folk and the older college crowd.


Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Lounge
7612 Oak St. , New Orleans, LA
(504) 861-2802

Very dark and very late-night.  Drinks are cheap, the furniture is old, there's bunches of dogs running around and the crowd is very eclectic.  And it's Mick Jagger's favorite bar.


The Boot
1039 Broadway St , New Orleans, LA
(504) 861-2200

Meaty frat boy central, the Boot is on Tulane campus right across the street from the Pike House. Flanked on either side by pizzas and crepes, The Boot might appear to those who don't know better to be a charming cosmopolitan little hangout. Don't let the neighbors fool you! This is a raging college bar for Freshmen partiers and those who like to pick up Freshmen.


The Club/ Ms Mae's
4336 Magazine St. , New Orleans, LA
(504) 895-9401

2 dollar bourbon and cokes all the time and they're stiffies, too! It's a local favorite. Usually packed to the late hours and right across the street from the police station. Twenty something crowd. Not very fancy.


The Rendez-Vous Tavern
Magazine St. , New Orleans, LA

501 Napoleon Ave. , New Orleans, LA
(504) 895-8477

One of the best bars to see live music at in New Orleans. They Frequently have well known artists and local faves.  And they have a Ms. Pac Man machine!


Waldo's Restaurant & Bar - NO LONGER IN BUSINESS
7130 Feret St., New Orleans, LA
(504) 861-0236

Waldo’s is almost exclusively visited by Loyola kids who inhabit it like a frat house. However, it may be worth the trip since they virtually give away liquor.






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